The Plank Buddy Challenge Day 1 With Jaime Popenhagen

The Plank Buddy
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We teamed up with Jaime Popenhagen creator of The Plank Buddy, to bring you the Ultimate Plank Challenge. You won’t find any “hold a plank for 30 seconds” business here. We’re talking moves that challenge and sculpt your core like never before. And none of ’em are done in vain—yes, even if your goal is to feel like a boss in a crop top. (That’s because building a strong core has tons of health and fitness benefits too.)
have you not ordered your plank buddy you can do so by following this link below
The Plank Buddy is a product created to keep a person in correct planking form thru their whole workout. Whether you’re new to planking, want to increase your planking time or advanced in planking but cannot tell when fatigue sets in, this product is for you. Simply set up the Plank Buddy and adjust the strap to your plank position. This is a one-time adjustment (if you are the only one using the belt) and then day after day you can use your Plank Buddy to increase your plank time and strength the RIGHT way!!! Remember, form is everything when it comes to seeing results from planking. If you don’t get a perfect form down you can forget about “A Perfect Plank Every time ”.

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