Plank Buddy – A Product For Your Core

Plank Buddy - A Product For Your Core
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Teaching group fitness with numerous people in one space, I can’t even count the amount of times I say, “butt up” “butt down” each and every class over and over. The main reply being “Is it really to high/low?” “I don’t feel it/didn’t even realize it”. I then thought of all the mistakes I may be missing in such a high paced/loud environment. Then one day I had someone new to the gym come up to me after class and say “I have been planking at home because I read it is a good core exercise but my back hurts. What am I doing wrong?” She then shows me her plank. Her form was way off. It was then it hit me and started asking myself, “What do people at home, people that can’t necessarily afford personal trainers, people that want to start their fitness journey off with the number one core building exercise, what do they do?” “How do group fitness instructors know they are seeing each and every flaw in plank position when the class is full?”  This led to my invention/brand new to market, fitness product. After 1.5 years of researching/finding the right materials, getting the right weight and getting all the things necessary for both a new invention as well as starting up a company, The Plank Buddy/The Plank Buddy, LLC became a reality.

New Year’s resolutions to get healthy?, don’t need to be difficult to keep! Start with strengthening your core! Did you know you use your core in every exercise you do? Planking is #1 core exercise and #1 DONE WRONG! Guess what?You don’t need an expensive trainer to tell you when to correct your form! Plank Buddy does it for you! Start Planking, build up 15-20 seconds a day Start your plank challenge today, with your Plank Buddy!

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