What Has Happened Since Solar Power Purchase Agreements in Meade

On the date of May 27, 2020) – Big Rivers Electric Corporation had entered into agreements to purchase power from two solar developers who will build, own and operate their facilities in western Kentucky.

The community of Meade County would like to know what is going on with this project since then. A lot of the farmers and blue-collar workers have been receiving higher electric bills than ever before and we are asking what is going on since the solar power purchase of the county. Below we have outlined some of what is happening within the deal and have hyperlinked sources: 

Community Energy and Geronimo Energy, a National Grid company, were chosen to provide the company’s Member-Owners up to 260 megawatts (MW) of solar generation. Community Energy will provide Big Rivers with up to 100 MW, which will come from solar arrays set to be located in Meade and McCracken Counties. Energy deliveries from the Community Energy contracts are scheduled to begin early 2023. Geronimo Energy will build 160 MW on nearly 1,700 acres at the Henderson/Webster County line and will begin generating in early 2024. Both contracts are 20-year agreements.

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The Green River Solar Project is an innovative solar project proposed for Breckinridge and Meade Counties, Kentucky that will have a capacity of up to 200 megawatts of clean, renewable, American-made energy. The Green River Solar project is more than solar panels – it represents a significant capital investment in Kentucky. Once operational, it will create good-paying jobs and millions in additional revenue for the local community.It is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC, the world’s largest generator of renewable energy from the wind and the sun

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Geronimo Energy is proud to partner with Big Rivers on the largest solar energy project in the state of Kentucky,” stated David Reamer, President of Geronimo Energy. “As a company committed to the southeastern region of the United States, Geronimo looks forward to bringing significant economic benefit – such as new tax revenue, job creation, local spending, and charitable funding – that will directly result from Geronimo’s Unbridled Solar Project to the state of Kentucky.”
Once these power purchase agreements have been approved by the Kentucky Public Service Commission and the Rural Utilities Service, Big Rivers will have a diverse low-cost generation portfolio consisting of coal, natural gas, hydro, and solar.

About Geronimo Energy, a National Grid (NYSE: NGG) company, is a leading North American renewable energy development company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with satellite offices located throughout multiple states in the regions where it develops, constructs, and operates. As a farmer-friendly and community driven company, Geronimo develops projects for corporations and utilities that seek to repower America’s grid by reigniting local economies and reinvesting in a sustainable future. Geronimo has developed over 2,400 megawatts of wind and solar projects that are either operational or currently under construction, resulting in an investment of over $4 billion in critical energy infrastructure and the revitalization of rural economies. Geronimo has a vast development pipeline of wind and solar projects in various stages of development throughout the United States. Please visit to learn more.


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Utilities across the US are closing coal and gas power plants and switching to renewable energy sources,like solar and wind power. These renewable generation sources will likely have benefits in the future. However, the transition from dependable coal and gas sources to sustainable sources is happeningquicker than the grid can adjust.Recently in the news, you may have heard about “rolling blackouts” and questions about the “energygrid” resilliancy. Although we always encourage wise use of electricity, we do not expect to see anypower interruptions do to heat and grid capacity issues. Meade County RECC is locally owned and operated by the members we serve. We purchase whole salepower from Big Rivers Electric Cooperative. We work together as a community to offer safe, reliable,and affordable electricity. We have listed below some information should you be concerned.- There are currently no warnings regarding rolling blackouts or power grid outages impacting Meade County RECC.- Meade County RECC has enough power to reliably serve our region this summer. Coal and gaspower plants in Kentucky generate that power.- However, Meade County RECC is tied to the grid, and in rare cases, the grid can ask midwestutilities to take steps to reduce electricity usage.- Excessive heat causes people to use more electricity, putting a strain on the midwest powergrid. These high-usage days can lead to warnings of potential power shortages for some gridregions.- While the risk is currently low, Meade County RECC and other utilities in the region want to stayprepared and continue to encourage consumers to conserve energy.- What is the grid? o Meade County RECC is part of “the grid” – known as MISO (Midcontinent IndependentSystem Operator, pronounced MY-SO) in our region. MISO manages the grid for thecentral United States and Canada and allows utilities to buy and sell affordable andreliable energy with each other. More than 42 million people are served by utilities tiedto the MISO grid.- Electric service is instantaneous. Any electricity you are using right now is being generated atthis same exact moment. As a result, the electric system has to be built large enough to meetthe biggest demand at any one time.- Fossil fuel plants, like coal and gas, are important for reliability because they produce energy ondemand. Solar power and wind power are only available when the sun shines and the windblows.- Since utilities in the central US are connected by the MISO grid, some areas that rely heavily onwind or solar energy may not have enough power for summer heat waves and will need to pullenergy from coal and gas power plants in areas like Kentucky. 

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