Flock Cameras Installed in Kentucky


Flock Cameras installed in Kentucky. City cameras are now helping to keep central Kentucky communities safe with the FLOCK camera system. The City of Versailles recently installed 20 cameras, and Lexington has added 75 to its existing network, bringing the total to 100. 

These security cameras have made a big impact, helping to locate missing persons, recover stolen property worth nearly $2 million, and even seize over 40 guns. 

Mayor Brian Traugott said, “It was really already on the chief’s radar when they started talking about it, it really elevated from discussion of the potential to discussion of when we’re gonna do it.”

The Mayor of Versailles also expresses his excitement over the security cameras, saying, “they provide a valuable tool for law enforcement without draining manpower resources.”

Linking to social security with the cameras, the Versailles Police Department has also seen the cameras aid in solving car thefts, hit-and-runs, and child endangerment cases.

The City of Nicholasville approved the purchase of FLOCK cameras in December, creating a network of cameras in three neighboring counties that can communicate and work together seamlessly.  According to Mayor Traugott, this will greatly enhance the ability to protect communities as people move freely from one county to the next.

Meade County Local News | Local News Kentucky

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