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Kentucky Blue Grass

Kentucky Bluegrass is a type of tall, cool-season grass that’s commonly found in the eastern half of the United States, where it’s often used on putting greens and in lawns. Its color ranges from a dark green to a blue-green, depending on the temperature and amount of sunlight, and it can grow up to 1 foot high.

Kentucky blue grass is a variety of the species Poa pratensis. It is traditionally associated with horseback riding, but can also be used for domestic lawns and golf courses. The most common type of Kentucky blue grass found in the majority of American yards is erect perennial bunchgrass. The plant grows to about 1 foot in height, and has a bunching growth habit, which means that it grows in clumps that must be thinned regularly to create an even lawn. 

It is best suited for areas with full sun to moderate shade, although it will grow under almost any light conditions, including full shade. It can also be grown in sandy, loamy, acidic or alkaline soils, although it prefers well-drained loam soils. It will not grow well in waterlogged or compacted soils, nor will it grow well near salt water. It has low-medium requirements for mowing and moderate to high requirements for fertility and irrigation. In addition to the plant itself being useful as a lawn grass, it is often used as an ornamental plant due to its bright green coloration and its ability to tolerate dry conditions.

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