Did You Know A Bear Will Kill It's Cub

I don’t blame the bears. I know they were hungry, and I know that it’s natural for them to kill their cubs when they become less dependent on them, but I just can’t help but sympathize with those poor little cubs. I’m sure there were plenty of other ways the bears could have gotten food besides killing their own children.

Poor bears.

Bear cubs are adorable, and seeing bears in the wild is one of life’s most breathtaking experiences. However, when a mother bear is around, cubs aren’t cute because they’re cuddly. They’re scary because they’re vulnerable.

Bears are carnivores, and they are natural hunters with a well-deserved reputation for killing even when they don’t need food. A mother bear will kill any cubs she finds if they aren’t hers. This happens because female bears live by an ancient code: if you’re not mine, you’re food. Cubs in the wild have only a 1% chance of surviving to adulthood, whereas cubs raised in zoos can live to be 20 years old. And while a grizzly bear may seem like it’s just playing with its cubs, it’s actually teaching them vital survival skills. The next time you see a mama bear and her cubs in the wild, keep this knowledge in mind so you don’t make the mistake of thinking she’s pitifully trying to protect her young from harm when instead she’s teaching them how to survive by killing others of their kind.

It’s pretty hard to find something that riles up a crowd like a bear-killing-cubs story. Whenever someone mentions a bear attack, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a vicious mama bear with her cubs in tow being slaughtered by some hunter who saw the opportunity to cash in on some furs. After all, bears are dangerous and ferocious creatures, right? They’re apex predators, so why wouldn’t they be killing other animals just for sport?

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Bears are very large animals with a lot of power. They live in many different environments like forests, mountains and even cities. Some bears are brown, black, white or even blue-ish. There are eight species of bear, although some scientists think that the giant panda is more closely related to the raccoon than the other seven species of bear. Bears have relatively short tails and large paws that can be used for digging up roots, catching fish or simply walking on snow and ice. There are two types of bears: the one that lives on land, and the one that lives in water (also known as a polar bear).

A bear’s claws are believed to be as sharp as razors and can slice through thick tree trunks like a knife through butter. The claws can also be used for climbing trees or for tearing open cocoons where their favorite treat – honey – lives. Some people hunt bears for their meat and skin; others hunt them just for fun (although hunting is illegal in many places).

A bear’s body is covered with fur. At first glance it doesn’t seem to have any spots, but if you look closely you will find brownish patches throughout its coat. This is especially true of black bears who sometimes look almost completely black

Bears have a reputation for being ferocious, hulking beasts, but don’t let their size fool you. Contrary to popular belief, bears are actually extremely intelligent, capable of feats of problem solving and learning that are on par with other animals like apes. In fact, bears can be just as devious as they are clever: many species have been witnessed working together to catch fish, and even other large animals.

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