New News In Meade County Kentucky

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Meade County Locals:

Here is the Newest News out that we have seen thus far,
What is a dagon shame it has always got to be something bad instead of something up lifting, and this seems to be the Norm out of this Reporter.
How dare you write about us, and say that The Meade County Local is wanting to get like’s and share’s on facebook, for our own Personal Gains and such. When all you do is write about the TERRIBLE things, Deaths and bad happenings in Meade County Kentucky. We ask you what about these families? What of these People that you decided to write about? Do you not think that they have been to hell and back?
Enough is Enough, we Meade County Local are and will be your #1 place to go to find out what is going on in Meade County Kentucky, and we will let people Know what is Going on in Meade County Kentucky.

So since you posted this, and thought it to be news worthy. We are sharing it, this is what has been happening ?
This is all you can find to report about? Flat out shameful to say the least.
during a time such as now when Meade County Kentucky is under one of are Biggest growths this little town has ever seen!
What about all the new Business openings, The Solar Deal For The Farmers, The New People Voted in to Office, Or even the Roads that have been Fixed, Parks that have been open, Christmas lights that are on display. JUST something other then Death and Dismay ?

So Meade County Locals, this is whats happening in the town of Meade County.

And Don’t Be Saying We Stole it, we just Shared it.
Thanks Chad Hobb’s For Your News Reporting. You are doing a GREAT job. “In Our sarcastic voice !

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