Small businesses to keep an eye out for in Meade County

Business has been slow across the USA in recent years.

However, that hasn’t stopped intrepid Meade County locals from becoming entrepreneurs. Small businesses are cropping up all over Meade County, and residents are excited about the new opportunities.

New businesses mean new jobs, more income, more tourists and ultimately, help accelerate economic growth in Meade County. If you are looking for a good place to shop, these new startups and ventures might inspire you.

Why do people visit Meade County? Meade County, Kentucky, is known for its world-class hiking trails and the great outdoors. All year round, people from across the USA travel here to catch the scenic views of the Ohio River and partake in recreational boating and fishing.

The local farmer’s market also brings in a lot of revenue. There are also local festivals and fairs set up, such as the Meade County Fair, where people can experience the excitement of small-town fairs and enjoy the culture they share. They bring in. As such, there is always a stream of tourists coming in, which means that local businesses have an opportunity to capture new customers. RAG’s Custom Screen Printing Printed T-shirts and clothes are all the rage these days. Fashion circles are always talking about the next big thing, but printed tees are here to stay. Capturing the zeitgeist, RAG’s Custom Screen Printing has begun taking orders and delivering high-quality designs.

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Their professional design and long-lasting prints make them a local favorite. If you have a cool design you want to show off or perhaps want to order some shirts with your company’s logo, call them up. You can even view the process here on our YouTube channel. Snack Shack Nothing banishes the heat quite like a cold smoothie. If the heat has been getting to you, then you’re in luck. Snack Shack is open and going strong as its first week of business comes to a close.

They advertise new managers, new staff, and new rules. Their menu is extensive, so you can bet that they have something to suit you. From juice made from freshly squeezed oranges or some ice cream and popsicles to keep you cool. So anytime you’re in the area and feeling hungry, head on over to the Snack Shack. Beautifully Baked by Brynn Every small town in the USA needs a good bakery.

Thankfully, Beautifully Baked by Brynn has served the needs of locals and clients across 14 locations. What might surprise you is that Brynn is just a preschool graduate. Despite her age, she has an entrepreneurial spirit and is growing her platform rapidly. The small bakery is surely going to grow and expand because they’re offering quality, inspiration, and amazing taste. Check them out next time you’re feeling hungry.

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