Fish Fry Fridays

fish fry fridays


Fish fry Fridays. Customs and rituals are to be followed by everyone regardless of their beliefs and religion. Fish Fry Friday is an event that is celebrated by people all around as one of the most important rituals.   

Fridays are considered highly sacred in most of the cultures all around the world. It is believed that Jesus was crucified on the day of Friday which is why it is considered a good omen to cook fried fish on Fridays and label it as a fish fry Friday.

Moreover, Fishes as known as cold blooded animals and it has been said by people in the ancient times that Jesus was crucified while fasting. Since he was warm blooded, the whole fast was based on avoiding meat and juices on animals that are cold blooded which is why Jesus fasted but only ate fish.  

 Since the, this tradition is being followed by the Catholics of Polish and German descents. The leaders of Catholics guide their people to avoid the meat of warm blooded animals on Friday for good luck and to honor Jesus whom they consider the son of God. Considering these events and customs, many restaurants around Kentucky offer fish fries to observe this event on Fridays and Wednesdays as well in certain parts.  


The history of this event relates back to the Wisconsin who were highly catholic and also were situated near the seas thereby, having fish as a food was easier and cheaper for them .  

Kentucky celebrates this custom with open arms on Fridays and there is a buffet at the Harbour Lights restaurant in Kentucky on Fridays which has began from the 16th of June and is expected to be continuously followed in the future. The fish in that restaurants costs to about $20.00.  


Observe the ritual and continue following it at Harbour lights on every Friday. Happy fish fry day to you. 

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