Reiki Has More To Offer Science Says
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As a Reiki Master or energy healer, it’s one thing to feel the energy flow as I work, but to know what’s happening on a scientific level is what really excites me.🧘‍♂️

Our chakras are subtle energy bodies that interface between our energy channels and our physical organs. By examining these channels and energy bodies as they are connected to our physical bodies, we can potentially diagnose problems before they occur. At the very least we may be able to diagnose them if the symptoms are already present. 🩺So why can’t we see this subtle energy? 👀👀Because we, as humans, have such a narrow range of senses at our disposal. The visible light we can see does not include infrared or far-ultraviolet. Just because we don’t have the means to see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

The Science of Homeopathy suggests the following as a definition of subtle energy:“Physical energy manifests in the positive time-space frame, is electrical in nature, and has positive mass. It travels slower than the speed of light and gives rise to gravity. This means that you can see it. Subtle energy, however, occupies the next time-space frame…, manifests in the negative time-space frame and has negative mass. It is magnetic in nature and travels faster than the speed of light. It gives rise to what some call levitational force. This means that you can’t see it – but can note its seemingly paranormal effects.”

Stanford professor, Dr. William Tiller, physicist and renowned expert and researcher on subtle energy, believed that as subtle energy changes from one type to another, it generates electric and magnetic signals that can be observed. He also found that these energies follow a different set of rules than physical energies.He was led to make the following statements in several of his studies:✨ They are manifested by people✨ A person can direct the flow of this energy through intention✨ This mind-election interaction is effective even over great distancesIn my practice, I do not diagnose, but I do feel and I usually find those spaces where there is disfunction in your energy field or energy body. With a background in anatomy and exercise science, I may make suggestions and/ or recommendations on what I feel may be happening in your body and what may possibly be the cause.

Energy work should never be used as a replacement for modern medicine but as a complement to current treatment. Listen to your body and always check with your physician if something doesn’t feel right.

💗🧡💛💚💙💜🤍Are you curious about subtle energy now & how it’s observed? Make an appointment today and find out for yourself!

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