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Christmas Lights in Louisville and Brandenburg Kentucky

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It’s that time of year again! Now that Thanksgiving is over, the season of Christmas is upon us. It might seem early, but those holiday lights are already up in some neighborhoods. Take this opportunity to make yourself a guide to the best places to see lights in Louisville, Kentucky. You can even bring it with you on your adventures!

Louisville is a beautiful city, and it’s especially pretty at Christmas. There are many neighborhoods in Louisville with beautiful Christmas lights, but here are some of the best spots to see Christmas lights in Louisville:

-The Iroquois neighborhood in Louisville

-The Cherokee Park Neighborhood in Louisville

We know it’s not exactly the most original idea, but we love the look of Christmas lights all year long. The warm glow they give off just feels cozy and welcoming. There are so many neighborhoods in Louisville with beautiful displays—and a few that don’t quite fit that description. We thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites, because who doesn’t like a good Christmas lights tour?

You might stop by 

Freeman Lake in Elizebthtown Kentucky and down by the river in Brandenburg Kentucky

 It’s a great way to get into the holiday spirit before Thanksgiving.

 Some of these houses have pretty specific hours for you to catch them; others are lit year-round, so feel free to go whenever you like!

Christmas lights are so fun to look at! I love walking around my little hipster neighborhood and admiring all the pretty decorations. We Have even been known to Slow Down on the road of a particularly elaborate display and just sit there in my car while I enjoy it. But most of all, We love walking around the city and seeing all the light displays on buildings or trees. 

Where do you all like to go to go see Christmas Lights? 

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