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Before I begin, let me just tell you who I am and why I’m writing. My name is Meade County Local and I’m a writer for the blog “Meade County Local.” You can find out more about me here—> Meade county Local

I wanted to write this piece because I love sharing stories about my community and wanted to give you some insight into the life of a local blogger. Which is very VERY VERY hard.  I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

I am a blogger and social media consultant who works in the tourism industry as well as many others. We have a Website Called Meade County Local in rural America Meade County , and teach others and show other how technology and social media can change the way we relate to each other.

I’m Meade County’s local blog author, and I’m here to show you all the many wonderful things there are to see, do, and eat in our county.

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