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A Historic Venue for Intimate Social Gatherings

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A feast of reason and a flow of soul. Samuel Haycraft portrays a romantic description of the first dinner parties held at The House on Helm in his book A History of Elizabethtown Kentucky. The home was built circa 1812 by Major Benjamin Helm, the son of one of three founding families of Elizabethtown and a prominent and influential businessman, politician, and banker. He and his wife, Mary Edwards Helm, were known to be lavish entertainers. It is fitting that the home is once again hostess to joyous celebrations.

The home was owned by three families before being purchased in 2017 by Joy Swope and Scott Galey. The couple’s vision of expanding the home’s community reach for intimate celebrations conceptualized what is now The House on Helm.

In 2019, construction began to fully restore and transform The House on Helm into Central Kentucky’s most unique historic event venue, as well as a forever home for the family who fell in love with her splendor and charm. The exterior façade pays homage to its original establishment, while the interior reflects an updated canvas that marries elegant and eclectic into a sophisticated palette that welcomes all guests.

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