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Samuel Haycraft Jr. The Founder of Elizabethtown Kentucky

Samuel Haycraft Jr

Son of Col. Samuel Haycraft, the founder of Elizabethtown, Hardin Co., Kentucky. He wrote “History of Elizabethtown” in 1869. Born 14 Aug 1795 Hardin County, Kentucky, USA Samuel had three siblings: A sister named Catherine who died in infancy and two brothers: James Haycraft III (known in America as James Jr.), born in 1750; and Joshua–born in 1754. Their childhood home was Frederick County, Virginia, where their father is known to have resided in 1760.

Samuel Haycraft wrote a book later in life called “A History of Elizabethtown, Kentucky” This hardback describes Elizabethtown’s history in detail from 1779 to 1869 by tradition and the recollections of the author regarding Elizabethtown’s prominent residents, structures, businesses and occurrences.

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