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Who Is Scott Lucas – Why He’s Good For Businesses

Scott Lucas

Scott Lucas has an Associate’s degree in Computer Networking, studied and skilled in A+/Network+/Security+ and CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker). He’s been in the Information Technology industry over 8 years as an IT Administrator of 250 employees, and now Product Support Specialist for a tech company in their DNS services. So that only made so much sense for us to have him to come aboard and work for the Meade County local says the founder of Meade County local. ” Scott Lucas has been very beneficial for the Meade County Local in helping at making out what our next strategies should be as we prepare our online presents within the websites content. Scott Lucas also manages the Meade County local Group which really has been a relief to know that someone will always be there to keep the group in line. “He really has taken a lot of stress off my back” says the owner of the Meade County Local

Scott Lucas is an Online Business Manager and Tech Strategist who helps Business Owners, and Network Marketers with handcrafted online business solutions by managing the technical burden behind running an online business.

He believes that there’s a level of etiquette and responsibility people need to be aware of when socializing, and selling in social media groups. In his work, he sees the learned dependency of owning a business for startups is from the lack of a customized technical education based on the person’s personality, and strengths.

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