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Water Main Breakage in Lexington


The big break: Arlington's Department of Environmental Services said crews stabilized Arlington's water system within three hours of detecting the water main break. (Courtesy Arlington Department of Environmental Services)

Water Main Breakage in Lexington

The breakage of a water main has caused rage among locals living on Lexington street, which is closed to the public for the third time and is only fulling fire and deteriorating the crisis. 

The repair work on the damaged water main that began on Monday will continue till Friday at the Southland Drive on Rosemont Garden to ensure the smooth operation of the water supply.

The ruptured water main can have some repercussions for residents- affecting water supplies and increasing water bills due to possible water shortage. Moreover, the homeowners are worried about the series of issues that can emerge due to inappropriate tackling of the ongoing crisis. The local authorities need to address the issues immediately to prevent their future occurrences. 

Some residencies have been inundated due to a damaged water main, and calls for immediate restoration of water supply and timely construction of damaged sidewalks, are being made.  

Another issue affecting the locals of Rosemont Garden is noise pollution due to the persistent intolerable sound of massive vehicles and trucks. The blasting noise has affected the sleeping of people who are hardly able to sleep sufficiently.  

The crews are busy getting the repair work done with perfection and timely. It is hoped that life will be a little easier for people, and water will be supplied routinely without any hassle. 

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