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The Ohio River floods

The Ohio River floods

1937 – The Ohio River floods

The great flood on 1937, that is what the Ohio river flood is known as for the great destruction that it caused. Floods and cyclones can be highly damaging. The biggest causes of floods are climatical changes. 


During the time period of March 23rd to 25th in 1937, there were huge rainfalls in the area of Dayton in Ohio. These rainfalls caused a rise in the Miami which are known to be the initial causes of the historic flood that the people of Ohio had to face. 


This event is known to be the biggest one to create history after the super tornado in 1974. This weather change is called the mist deadliest one in Ohio. 


Furthermore, this flood caused immense destruction in which almost 350 people died and over 1 million were left homeless due to their homes vanishing away in the huge disastrous flood. 

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