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The Meade County Family Resource – Pay it Forward

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The Meade County Family Resource and Youth Service Centers provide a variety of services and resources to students and families on a daily basis.  This past year, however, each of our centers has seen a dramatic increase in the need for financial assistance to help some of our families pay rent and utility bills.  The Central Kentucky Community Foundation recently awarded the Meade County School district FRYSC program a grant designed to specifically assist families with this type of emergency funding.  This is a huge opportunity for our centers to quickly collaborate with community partners to expand our resources and provide much-needed support and stability for our families in these types of emergency situations.  Many thanks to the CKCF organization for awarding us the opportunity to help our families in need!

Front Row Left to Right –  Kara Popham, Donna Foushee, Tiffanie Cooper, Sami HickersonBack Row Left to Right – Shania Davis, Amy Crebessa, Bobbi Jo Poole, Becky Crump, Davette Swiney

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