Midnight Radio High Energy, Good Time, Rock n Roll Party Band

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The band he has led for over five years. It’s simply an honest summation of how three guys take all the elements of classic rock, punk and country music and spin them into an energetic, fun-filled night. For Midnight Radio, their sound and high intensity performance is always distinctive with memorable highlights for all. This is a band dedicated to grooving tunes and raucous good times. They thrive in front of a live audience. Whether it’s a special occasion, local watering hole or annual festival, Midnight Radio’s edgy party atmosphere always leaves patrons wanting more.

Midnight Radio played on Great Day Live June 15, 2018 so it was a real treat to watch them at the shop located in Brandenburg Kentucky when we were able to hear the music. It was very exciting to watch the drummer play with so much enthusiasm, as well as the singer hitting the high notes that he could hit along with the guitar player playing with such ease.

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