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Meade County What Are Your Thoughts About Mask Mandate

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Meade County Locals:

We have been asked many times to ask the public about how they feel about mask  wearing in the school. As of today it’s still a must, we wanted to open up a Civil discussion a bout such.. how do you feel about the situation..

Please keep it civil what are your thoughts?

One person From the Meade County Community had this to say

Definitely parents choice!! I have been working in the health care field for 15 years now and I’m sorry, but these “masks” that most people/children wear are ineffective. I have noticed more face/mask touching and unsanitary practices since masks were implemented, especially in children. Studies on cloth masks have had very inconsistent findings for a reason. Also, health care professionals wear full body PPE/N95 masks when caring for patients with COVID-19 for a reason!

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