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Meade County Students Dressing as Cats And Hissing

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Meade County Students Dressing as Cats And Hissing

Meade County Kentucky is known for the beautiful views and sites that you might see when going down to the Ohio River.  You might go out to the fair, better known as the ” Meade County Fair” to enjoy some festivities.

Currently inside of Meade County High school we have, students that are dressing up like cats and acting as if they are a cats. We have heard that other counties in Kentucky are also going through this similar situation. We wanted to open this form for open discussion to talk about the pros and cons of such.

Do you feel that these actions should be tolerated inside of a high school while your child is in a place of learning? Is there anything positive that could come out of this behavior we? would love to hear your feedback please leave it inside of the comment box and please keep it civil!

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