Kurtis Swanson – Senior Spotlight – Meade County Kentucky FFA Chapter

Meade County Kentucky FFA Chapter

Our club meeting Senior Spotlight was Kurtis Swanson! Kurtis joined FFA of Meade County his freshman year and then again his senior year. His favorite FFA memory is when he went to the National FFA Convention his freshman year. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and farming.

We visited Brandenburg, in Meade County, Kentucky and teamed up with Montez McCammish, the Founder of Meade County Local. Montez told us all about the rich history of the area which includes names like Boone, Lincoln, Hunt-Morgan, Fort Knox, and many more!

Family Tree Nuts is a history and genealogical service,” Their YouTube about section reads. “We produce videos at historic locations, and gravesites or other relevant locations for our client’s ancestors. 
“We are passionate to document obscurely known historical locations, making them known to all. Often bringing them back to life for all the ages.”
Carson has built up a team around the country to document small town history, he said. The YouTube page was started in 2019, after Carson’s brother, a cinematographer, suggested he branch out into video. He has videographers in multiple states, and he plans to expand.

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Brandenburg Kentucky

Meade County Kentucky – Brandenburg – Boone, Lincoln, Hunt-Morgan, Fort Knox