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Kentucky History – Boone Trace Driving Tour Through Laurel County Kentucky

Boone Trace was the first road, or trail into the land that was to become Kentucky, blazed by Daniel Boone and his axmen in the Spring of 1775. Sit back and enjoy this adventure as Family Tree Nuts takes us along this Historical Journey!

The route went through natural land gaps and followed many rivers, creeks, and streams until it reached the terminus at Fort Boonesborough.

Some of the original route is on modern day paved roads, but the rest of it has been covered over with time and now lies on private or government land. We take you there!This video gives a detailed description of the route of Boone Trace through Laurel County, Kentucky. See the sites of what Daniel Boone, and the first pioneers saw! After watching this video, you can visit the website of The Friends of Boone Trace, where you can download the Avenza app, and get the driving tour on your phone.

We hope you take this adventure in your vehicle and drive the route to see the sites. We also hope you stop often to get out and walk where Boone, and your ancestors walked. Many find this a rewarding, moving, and emotional experience. It’s free too.

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