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Katherine Dodson Care Coordinator, Eddie Squires Director..

I’d like you to meet Katherine Dodson Care Coordinator of Freedom Senior Services and Eddie Squires Director of Marketing and Sales of Freedom Senior Services..Meeting these two wonderful humans had got me to thinking about what it might of been like for my Grandparents to have enjoyed the elder ages out side of a nursing home.The level of  Compassion seems to bleed through the hearts of these individuals.When I was asking questions to find out more about why and how and when one thing stuck out to me.. it was the desire that they had to want to help someone… I totally Align with that .. I have always heard help a 1000 people get what they want and you will surly gain what you need .. this was amazing to me ..since then I just been trying to help as many people as I can.. I’d like to say I’m in the HELPING BUSINESS … And I intend on being the worlds best helper thanks for allowing me to do that

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