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Jack Hart, One Of the First Settlers – The Beloved Companion of Captain Nathaniel Hart.

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Russ Carson Jr. and Sue Baber-Castle Speaks about Jack Hart ENSLAVED PIONEER HERO Also known as Captin Jack, a slave and Body Gaurd. Sue Baber-Castle Speaks about her family history. We visited the burial location of Jack Hart, who was a slave, and beloved companion of Captain Nathaniel Hart. Sue Baber-Castle joined us, in the telling of Jack’s story, and she is the 6th Great-Granddaughter of Captain Hart. Sue Baber-Castle has ten great-grandparents, that were among the first Kentucky settlers at Boonesborough!

Jack was among the first settlers into Kentucky, and was known to be an excellent marksman. He lived a long life, and was held in extreme high regard with the Hart family, as well as early Kentucky leaders.

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