How To Find A Mentor – What Are They Doing – Not What Are They Saying

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Finding a mentor nowadays isn’t easy.
Are they a “do as say, not as I do” type of person? Or are they a leader who gets their hands dirty SHOWING people how to DO the “DO”?
Some people come online to hide who they are…Others create a new reality, or a persona…A few have fake profiles as “alter egos”…Then there are those rare ones…
The ones who are the same in person as they are online who value honesty, being upfront no matter what and telling it how it is.  
They take a no BS approach in life and business being explicitly candor because they know transparency makes, or breaks relationships from the start. 

“So how do I find a ‘rare one’?”
First, you need to have a “coming to Jesus” moment.
* Are you even ready mentally and emotionally?* Do you finally know in your heart it’s time?* Why? (ask yourself this 7 times after each answer as this exercise gets down to the core.)
You need to allow yourself to be vulnerable with YOU, not anyone else. 
You’re going to cry and you just need to let it out once and for all, and then be done and over with it to move on. 
Be honest with yourself FIRST and then the universe, life, karma or whatever you believe in will match you in return.
That’s not all though…
Once you’ve had “the talk” with yourself, now it’s time to get busy.
1. Find THE person (aka mentor) you want to learn from
2. Approach them with professionalism, kindness, candor and ask how you can help them FIRST – WITHOUT asking them for help in return
3. Be patient
4. But be persistent if the first couple, or several approaches fail.
5. Follow them online (ie. like, follow, request, join, subscribe, etc. to all their social media profiles, groups, blogs, sites, etc.)
6. Actually buy a product or more of theirs.

7. Watch what they DO online more than what they’re telling others to DO. 
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