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God Squad – Meade County Kentucky – Bible Study

God Squad was a project I started a while back with some friends. As time went on our time around each other faded as well as the Project. During the time off  I had contemplating on how I might resurrect God Squad inside the public eye.I say all that to say this..  God Squad is officially back and in full affect every Thursday Lucy Morse And Lexi Gundersen will be The conductors/host of God Squad. They will be bringing you your scripture every Thursday live. You will be able to catch the episoids on the new platform that will be announced soon   or come and attend the study in person location to be announced..I’m so happy to be able to collaborate with such great humans that have a on fire passion for God ! Sometimes we have to take the time to allow the time for success. God Squad is here for you when you are looking for a honest conversation about GodYou can watch God Squads first live here !

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