Evolve Training – Meade County Fit Learns More From Billy Edelen – Tips On How to Get A Free Recovery

moBILLity Training is balanced system containing this intense, focused, disciplined style of training I cultivated in my youth, infused with my current training focuses of yoga, gymnastics, mobility work, and nervous system activation/integration work for coordination. I neglected this softer side of training in my basketball career but have since systematically organized it with myself as the mad scientist and guinea pig in my pursuit to achieve a balanced state of performance and health while promoting longevity. By using myself as this guinea pig I hope to share with you cutting edge ways to perform and live to your most balanced, potential!

some of the services that Evolve Training offers are
Jiu Jitsu, Lifestyle Fitness, and Sport Performance school opened in Jeffersonville October 2019. To spread balanced health and help people reach their performance goals by evolving daily is the mission of Evolve.

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