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Confiscation of a loaded gun

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Confiscation of a loaded gun

Confiscation of a loaded gun from a 17- year old student on Friday morning has caused outrage and ignited debate among parents about whether educational institutions are safer for their children. 

A student is caught red-handed carrying a loaded weapon in his school bag at a high school located in Lexington, named Pual lawrence Dunbar High School. The student is detained by FCPS police after the gun was found in his bag, and the cops took possession of the weapon immediately.   

This is not a case that has occurred for the first time, as similar incidents had happened in the past where students not only brought lethal weapons along with them but also ended up causing fatal injuries to fellow students and teachers or taking their lives with their hands all together at multiple occasions. 

The teenager’s parents were informed about the matter through email by the school administration regarding the unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon in their son’s beg. The gun was found due to metal detectors while the security officials were inspecting the begs of students for routine checkups and security reasons. 

Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the offender for possessing a potentially hazardous and prohibited weapon at a school facility that could have possibly caused harm to fellow students’ and staff’s security and safety. Taking strict measures is on the cards of the school authority to maintain peace, tranquility, and discipline at school as per the student code of conduct. 

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