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Aundra Jackson – Owner/CEO of Ms.Aundra's Caterin and Bakery

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We would like you to meet Ms. Aundra Jackson she owns, Ms.Aundra’s Catering and Bakery located in Radcliff Kentucky. It was an honor to set down with her and speak about how her passion for cooking has allowed her to open her own catering and bakery.The foundation of her business stands on Faith and her wanting to feed others. During our interview I could feel her passion for cooking in each and every word when it came to her why! Finding out why you are doing it allows you to push harder towards you goals! Through positive relationships you can build your business and organization with a very Solid foundation. We heard it like this “It takes many hats to run 1 company”..But even More Faith to see that it is and will be Successful!The interview should be out soon on Meade County Local very soon. Follow Meade County Local for details !

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